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A Guide to Wired vs. Wireless Home Network Installation

Is Going Wireless the Right Choice for Your Alberta Home?

A Guide to Wired vs. Wireless Home Network Installation

A strong home network is an essential component of your smart home. The high speeds and reliability of a modern home network enable you to enjoy the flawless operation of all of your technology. When considering investing in a new network installation, the big question is whether to go wireless. Below, we’ve put together a guide that talks about the benefits of each option so that you can decide what is best for your Sherwood Park, Alberta home.

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Wireless Home Network Installation
Wireless has come a long way in the last decade. During a network installation, your wireless connections can be optimized to provide strong, clear signals within your home. With wireless connections, convenience is by far the biggest advantage. You don’t have to worry about dealing with wires that clutter up a room’s décor, and your devices aren’t locked into one particular spot to receive the Internet.

Wired Home Network Installation
Nothing beats the speed of a wired Internet connection. While wireless signals have improved significantly over the years, they haven’t yet caught up to the speed of Ethernet cables. A wired connection can easily achieve more than three times the speed of the fastest wireless connections available today. When your home is streaming high-definition video in multiple rooms, that difference in speed will be noticeable.

The Best of Both Worlds
Who says you can’t have both wired and wireless Internet? To get the most reliable and fastest Internet speed possible, outfit your home for Ethernet connections. During installation, the wires connecting your devices can be strategically hidden so that your home’s interior design stays clean and simple. Don’t ignore the convenience of strong Wi-Fi either. Your home office, televisions, and other stationary devices will perform best when wired, but you need a home network that supplies reliable Internet to your mobile devices, such as your smartphone and tablet.

It’s important that home network installation is done with both your current and future needs in mind. You may be happy with a fully wireless network now, but future upgrades to your home’s A/V system may require wired connections for optimal performance. To learn what mix of wired and wireless network components are right for your home, contact one of our network installation experts today.