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Should You Install 4K Technology in Your Custom Home Theatre?

Why it’s worth it to go 4K at home in St. Albert, Alberta

Should You Install 4K Technology in Your Custom Home Theatre?

While you may have noticed stores carrying the latest in picture technology – 4K Ultra High Definition - you may not have realized that theatres have been showing you movies in this format for years. This high-resolution technology isn't exactly new, but its prevalence and popularity is just now gaining ground. A small percentage of people have 4K in their homes right now, and there isn't a large library of content available. So why should you hire an integrator to install a 4K projector or TV in your custom home theatre in the St. Albert area? Read on to find out.

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A Planning Guide for the Ultimate Home Theatre Design

Get a Precisely Designed and Engineered Private Cinema from Home Theatre Solutions

A Planning Guide for the Ultimate Home Theatre Design

If you want to skip the multiplex and instead are interested in building a room dedicated to a one-of-a kind movie experience, then you have come to the right place. The experts at Home Theatre Solutions have put together the following guide to help you plan your home theatre project and transform your Edmonton, AB home into a space where family and friends can gather to enjoy movies and music.

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Do Acoustics Truly Matter in a Home Theatre?

Your favorite Edmonton Technology Professionals offer expertise and solutions

Do Acoustics Truly Matter in a Home Theatre?

Room acoustics indicate how sound waves interact within a room. Every room reacts differently to the variety of sound frequencies, primarily because of the objects in it, and every speaker sounds different when in a different room. When you partner with Home Theatre Solutions for a fully-equipped private cinema room, acoustics are a vital component considered as we design and engineer your space…and for good reason.

The next time you sit down to watch a movie or listen to music, think about the ways – good and bad – that your room may be affecting the overall sound of your system. A basic understanding of room acoustics (and speaker placement) can help you maximize the performance of any audio or home theatre playback.

Imagine that room empty, with hardwood floors and bare drywall. That’s going to have a lot of echoes, right? Now imagine the same room with carpets, thick drapes, plush seating and bookcases or even a private concession counter. Suddenly the room has a quieter, more intimate feel. The fact is, these are the extremes of room acoustics, and the perfect home theatre experience exists somewhere between the extremes.

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