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How a Home Network Can Impact Your Daily Life

A Network Installation Can Improve Your Electronic Lifestyle

How a Home Network Can Impact Your Daily Life

What does it mean to live an electronic lifestyle? For many of us, it means we are connected 24-7. We use the Internet for everything, from managing schedules to arming the security system. But that means you need a high-speed connection and a reliable network to power all of your electronics. This can become tricky when you live in a remote area outside of Edmonton, Alberta or if you have a very large property. Home Theatre Solutions has network installation services for those who need a commercial-grade solution for their smart home. Keep reading to learn more.

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The Secret Ingredient to a Smart Home

The truth is you could buy 100,000 dollars’ worth of audio/video or smart home equipment and its performance will still only be as good as the network it runs on. Would you invest in a luxury car and then put regular gasoline in it? But that’s what you do when you use the modem and router supplied by your local Internet Service Provider or electronic store.
The network is the ‘secret ingredient’ – the foundation – of your smart home. So it makes sense to invest in the very best networking solutions to support all of the connected activities you do on a regular basis. A poor network will result in slow download speeds, poor quality video streaming, phone calls that cut out, and connected devices that don’t work well consistently. Many people don’t realize that it’s a network issue, and they wrongly blame the AV system or device for the problem. An enterprise-grade network is the secret to a good smart home. Once in place, you’ll see how big of a difference it can make. Here are some benefits.

#1: Your system is fast and reliable.

Want to shut down your home in one touch? Hit “Away” as you hurry out the door, and your smart home will turn off the lights, lower the shades, arm the security system and shut off audio/video, but when your network is down, none of these things will happen. Your system has to be able to connect with your mobile device – like a smartphone or tablet. And if it can’t make the connection your controls are basically useless. You’ve invested in a smart home system but now it’s slow and unreliable because the connection is poor. A high-quality network installed by a professional will ensure that your smart home works fast every time.

#2: Your streaming sources are clear and steady.

Many of us enjoy watching shows on Netflix, Crave, and Shomi because they have original shows, or exclusive programs you can’t find anywhere else. Since you are streaming the content using an Internet connection, you must have a fast speed in order to get a clear picture. If the image on the screen gets fuzzy, it’s not your TV or source components failing, it’s the network not coming through. In addition, a poor connection can also prevent you from being able to open Netflix or other streaming source in the first place. If you have a service like Kaleidescape or Prima Cinema, you need a strong connection to download movie files as well. So your home entertainment experience will be so much better when you have the right network.

#3: You can stay connected wherever you go.

Whether you are in the living room or in The Bahamas, you can connect to your smart home in any location around the long as you have Internet. If you want to be able to review surveillance camera footage, lock the doors, or turn off the lights while you’re gone you can do it all using a network installed by a professional. We’ll work with you to install the right solutions for your needs, and also follow your budget. After that, you can enjoy the luxury and convenience of an electronic lifestyle.

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