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Smart and Safe Scenes for Your Alberta Home

How to Integrate Security & Surveillance in Your Smart Home

Smart and Safe Scenes for Your Alberta Home

Keeping your St. Albert, Alberta home safe with a smart home system is a bit different than simply using an alarm. Traditionally, you’d pop in a code on a keypad and rush out the door to make sure it didn’t go off. Anyone who entered would be alerted via a loud noise – but that was the extent of the protective measures in your house.

Today, surveillance cameras and wireless controls not only make your home safer, but also easier to manage during your busy schedule. In this blog, we’ll share with you a few scenarios that show the difference between a simple alarm system and an integrated smart home.

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Away Mode

With a Savant smart home, you don’t have to enter a code and run out the door in the morning. Wireless access means you can set the alarm with your phone from any location – whether you’re in the driveway or at the office. Hit one button and your alarm turns on, the surveillance cameras turn on, and the doors lock with smart entry system capabilities. If you have a full smart home with integrated lighting, shading, and audio or video, then you can also turn off the lights, lower the shades and shut off electronics with one touch. The level of security is up to you – install sensors in windows and cameras so they turn on when they sense movement. Give your family members personal codes to unlock the system.

Secure Scenes

Of course you want to make sure no one can get inside of your house while you’re gone, and that anyone who does enter will be caught on camera. But what about deterring intruders from entering in the first place? Create a security scene to make it seem as if someone is home and then people who pass by won’t think twice about invading your property. Go into the settings of your Savant App and enact the shades to lower at precisely noon. Make all the TVs turn on at 2 p.m., and the lights go up in the kitchen every hour. All of these actions send the signal “this home is occupied, and you’re not welcome.”


One of the times you are most vulnerable is when you sleep, so it’s still important to make sure your home is secure from dusk till dawn. Once you are cozy in bed, pick up the tablet on your nightstand and open the Savant App. Hit the “Goodnight” button and all the lights turn off except for the flood lights outside and ones by the front door. The alarm and surveillance cameras turn on to monitor activity, and the locks are all secured. If you have a front gate, it closes and locks. If you hear any noises in the middle of the night, you can also quickly turn on certain cameras, alarms or alert the police. We’ll help you set up exactly what you need to feel safe at all times.

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