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Offer Quality Hospitality to Restaurant Patrons with a Smart Control System

Enhance your Edmonton, AB Business with Home Theatre Solutions

Offer Quality Hospitality to Restaurant Patrons with a Smart Control System

Running a restaurant in Edmonton, AB can be hectic. It’s part of the charm. But having a strong system integrated into your business can help solve problems, keep customers happy, and make everything run smoothly until you close your doors for the night.

Business automation can help bring you success by taking your mind off of the little things and focusing on what’s really important: the customer. Take a look at how our integrated technology solutions can help enhance your business.

Get a Network That Works For You

Many restaurants have already replaced the traditional wait staff notebook with high-tech tablets – and to good reason. A tablet connected to your integrated network allows your staff to do more than just take orders. After they take orders, the servers can customize the experience for the customer by changing the channel on the TV and adjusting the lighting in a specific zone to their personal taste. And they can do it all with a few strokes on a single device. A smart automation system not only makes ordering more convenient, but it gives the customers a personalized experience they’ll never forget.

When you put new technology in your restaurant or bar, it’s essential to have a strong network to support it. A robust Internet connection will also attract more customers since they can work and eat at the same time or communicate easily with friends and family.

Surround Sound Creates a Functional Soundscape

Some people go to a restaurant to watch a hockey game. Some go to hang out with a group of friends. And some go to spend a romantic evening with their partner. You never know what a customer will require before he or she walks through the door, but you can create an environment that suits any need with a multi-zone audio system. Using your touch screen controls, play a different music station in any room or area of the building. That way, the guys at the bar can enjoy the Oilers game while the couple in the back corner chills out with some classic tunes. With automated audio, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Video Menus Mean Variety

With video menus and digital signs, you can keep your restaurant exciting from minute to minute by regularly updating your offers. Give your customers a reason to stick around with rotating hourly drink specials. Promote multiple discounted appetizers throughout the night to give your customers something to munch on while they hang out. And with an integrated system network, the same information that shows up on the monitor can be transmitted straight to the wait staffs’ tablet so they won’t have to worry about keeping track of all the changes.

Are you ready to integrate your restaurant with integrated system controls? Contact us to take the first steps toward elevating your restaurant to the next level.