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How Can Integrated Control Enhance Your Boardroom?

Home Theatre Solutions Helps You Boost Efficiency in Your St. Alberta Business

How Can Integrated Control Enhance Your Boardroom?

Your boardroom serves as a microcosm of your office. When you’re hiring a new employee, you’re looking for one that will integrate well with the team, fostering the communication necessary for your business to thrive. It’s the same with your boardroom. It’s not enough to upgrade your technology, whether it’s your network or your speakers. For your St. Albert, Alberta office to succeed, you need to integrate your boardroom technology into a comprehensive system that will impress clients and employees. Read on to find out how a system from Home Theatre Solutions can get the most out of your space. 

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Centralize Control of Your Equipment

You’ve installed the best Ultra HD display, bolstered your network and invested in high-end speakers. But when it’s time to get a presentation started, you find yourself struggling with remotes and touchpads trying to get the features you want. Which is when an integrated solution can help. Not only do the integrators at Home Theatre Solutions ensure all your components are compatible with each other, but they also make sure your room is easy to manage.

With an integrated system from Savant, you can connect your media to the speaker and television of your choice at the touch of a button. Using your tablet, smartphone or laptop, pick the display and presentation you want to use from the same intuitive menu. Integrated boardroom technology also allows you to incorporate more than just your AV technology. From that same menu, you can adjust the lights, climate and shades. This way, it’s easy to create the perfect environment. If a client complains about the temperature, within seconds it’s resolved. If the lighting is not optimal during a call, you can quickly adjust the lights from your smartphone. 

Transform your Boardroom in Seconds 

Your boardroom is one of the most versatile spaces in your office. It can be used for internal presentations, video conferences, client meetings or as a collaborative space for your team. Get the most out of your resources by making it easy for your room to transition from one activity to the next. You can do this by incorporating scenes into your boardroom technology system. 

A ‘video conference’ scene closes the shades and turns on the lights directly over the table for optimal visuals. Want to gather together as a team to discuss the call afterwards? Click a ‘Brainstorm' scene that opens the shades and pulls up the screen to reveal a whiteboard. In this scenario, the quick transition makes it easy to hold a meeting without forgetting what was discussed during the call.

 This technology gives you a quick return on investment by reducing the average time spent on meetings and calls. Without having to waste time setting up, your employees’ time can be used more effectively. It also means the room can be used more often. There’s no need to create a 15-minute buffer between meetings to allow participants to organize the technology in the room. With the right boardroom technology, setup takes a matter of seconds. 

Want to invest in an integrated technology system for your boardroom? Contact Home Theatre Solutions to set up a consultation.