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Home Theatre Solutions has Speakers Built for Every Season in Sherwood Park, Alberta

We Have Audio Systems for both Indoor & Outdoor Enjoyment

Home Theatre Solutions has Speakers Built for Every Season in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Great audio doesn’t have to be limited to certain spaces. Home Theatre Solutions can install speakers in any place in your house, even outside, for every occasion. Here are some of our top picks to put in your Sherwood Park, AB home.

In-wall Speakers can Stream the Ultimate Music Playlist

A stylish and simple way to install a whole house music system is to put speakers in the ceiling, walls, furniture, or even floors. Our speakers can blend into the room by matching the colors and styles of the walls. You’ll barely notice them but the amazing sound will definitely stand out.

If you have a larger house, Origin Acoustics is a great choice because you can put music in every room for a fair price. And with mobile controls by your side, you can create music playlists and then stream them throughout the entire property. If you have a full house, every family member can play their own choice of music without aggravating anyone else. You’ll have access to XM radio, Pandora, Spotify, and more! With a strong network and premier speakers from Home Theatre Solutions, every person can get a quality sound experience.

Origin Acoustics Provides Hi-Fi Audio for Any Weather, Rain or Shine

Origin Acoustics makes a line of outdoor speakers that are suitable for storms, sunshine, or even snow. These sound machines are waterproof and can endure environmental extremes. They also have a UV-resistant powder coating to prevent damage from the sun.

These speakers are designed to be easily tucked among shrubbery, under an eave, and can even be buried underground. You won’t notice them while swimming in the pool, playing in the yard or sipping an iced tea on the patio, but for their exceptional sound. Origin Acoustics’ audio products are engineered to be powerful enough to play music for a dance party, or soft for a relaxing day at home alone. Home Theatre Solutions will design a layout for optimal speaker placement so that you can hear crystal clear music that results in a pleasurable environment.

Get ready for warmer weather with whole house audio systems and outdoor speakers. Give us a call at 780-439-2004 or fill out our online contact form.