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A Planning Guide for the Ultimate Home Theatre Design

Get a Precisely Designed and Engineered Private Cinema from Home Theatre Solutions

A Planning Guide for the Ultimate Home Theatre Design

If you want to skip the multiplex and instead are interested in building a room dedicated to a one-of-a kind movie experience, then you have come to the right place. The experts at Home Theatre Solutions have put together the following guide to help you plan your home theatre project and transform your Edmonton, AB home into a space where family and friends can gather to enjoy movies and music.

Choose a Location

One of the first and most important decisions is to choose a location for your home theatre. Will you renovate an existing space, make an addition, or is this a new construction project? The ideal scenario is to design a home theatre during the planning stages of a new home construction, but we realize that’s not always possible. Keep in the mind that you may encounter some construction challenges if you’re retrofitting an existing space in your house. If your budget will allow for it, consider building an addition or remodeling a garage or basement. Another option is to choose a room that is large enough to convert into a home theatre.

Characteristics of an ideal space include the following:

  • Large enough to accommodate the desired seating
  • Free from outside light (choose a space with no windows)
  • Located where sound can be isolated from other rooms
  • High ceiling for mounting audiovisual equipment

Research Equipment and Accessories

Once you’ve chosen a location for your home theatre, the next step is to research the needed equipment. The experts at Home Theatre Solutions are happy to chat with you about your ideas and list the products available to help you achieve your vision. As our name suggests, we have a solution for all your home theatre needs.

We recommend doing research on the following key components in order to help you find products that meet your needs and follow your budget.

  • Projectors and Screens- When choosing a screen size, be sure it is matched with seating distance.
  • Audio Systems and Speakers- Often a matter of personal taste, you may want to visit a showroom where you can experience the wide range of systems.
  • Cables and Wires- While you may never see these components, their role is vital to your home theatre system. To avoid retrofits later on, plan ahead and run cables and wires that you may need in the future.
  • Controls- Consider a high-end control system that not only adjusts the audiovisual equipment in the room, but can also be used to control the heating, air-conditioning, lighting, and drapery.
  • Media Sources- With so much online content, it’s important to incorporate traditional sources like cable and DVDs with Internet-based sources.
  • Lighting- In order to optimize the movie-viewing experience, lights should be dimmable and remote controlled.
  • Seating and Furnishings- With so many options to choose from, look for furnishings that are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

Home Theatre Solutions is a member of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association and will take the complexity out of building you a home theatre. We’ll not only design and build you a home theatre, but we’ll also integrate all the electronics. Our team will explain how all the technology in the room works so you can focus on enjoying home entertainment with the family. Contact us to learn more.